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Floating candle prayers

No More Hiroshimas! No More Nagasakis!

In 1983, the Bishop William E. Swing organized a three-day symposium on nuclear weapons at Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco. Convinced he had to do something about the threat, Bishop Swing invited a group of like-minded influential acquaintances to meet monthly to address the threat. It was a distinguished group of civil servants, renowned scientists, and academics. Below you will find information about the Founding Members of Voices, as well as a list of our community members, contributors, and a wealth of organizations who support and/or are working toward a world without nuclear weapons. 


Meet the Founders...

Dr. Sidney Drell

Dr. Sidney Drell

The Honorable James Goodbyby

The Honorable James Goodby

The Honorable Tom Graham Jr.

The Honorable Tom Graham Jr.
Click HERE to access Tom Graham's Articles.

jonathan granoff.jpg

Dr. Jonathan Granoff


The Honorable William Perry


The Honorable George Schultz

bishop william swing.jpg

Bishop William Swing
Click HERE to access Bishop Swing's Sermons.


Monica Willard

Community Members & Contributors

Mary Lou Anderson

Paul Andrews

Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford

Dr. Charles Barker

Kehkashan Basu

Kathleen Burkinshaw

Linda Cataldo Modica

Paul Chaffee

Diana Conan

Ann Frisch

Vicki Garlock

Katelynn Grace

Mussie Hailu

Anna Ikeda

Dr. Abraham Karickam

Haneen Khalid

Audrey Kitagawa

Susan Lambert

Vincent Leong

Carolyn MacKenzie

Barbara Newsom

Mario Nicolini

Michael Ramos

Peter Rickwood

Hiro Sakurai

Julie Schelling

Issac S. Thomas

Marilyn Turkovich

John Weiser

Janessa Gans Wilder

Organizations & Allies of the Movement
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atomic reporter.png
Charter for compassion.png
Cousil for a livable world.png
earth charter initiative.jpg
global security institute.jpg
Mayors for peace.jpg
pax christi.jpg
ploughshares fund.jpg
religions for peace.jpg
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treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapsons.jpeg
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