The Bomb: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Film

An Interfaith/Intercultural Call to Action

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

Composed of dynamic voices from across the political, professional, spiritual, and geographical

spectrums who have united in a single purpose to eliminate nuclear weapons once and for all.

Voices Youth Award Announced

Nominate a youth, a youth initiative or organization involved in creating a world without nuclear weapons. Guidelines for nominations are now ready.  Learn more.


Gathering to recite the Nuclear Prayer

Building a movement to get to zero nuclear weapons


You are invited to join The Chorus of Voices!

Since the Parliament in Toronto in 2018, and the Stanford Interfaith Conference in 2019, we have discovered something is resonating with more and more people who want to be connected with Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons. It is time for us to define what that “something” is.  It is time for us to define “somehow.” Here is a first attempt to create a strategy to do just that.

For the past ten years, a small group of people have met each month to work toward nuclear abolition.  This group is called Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (or, simply “Voices”), an official Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative (URI). Now, the intention is to give a great many additional people an opportunity to be involved with the nuclear abolition work of Voices.  These people are “The Chorus of Voices.”