Who We Are

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons is a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative (URI).  We are comprised of an international coalition of dynamic voices from across political, religious, spiritual and interfaith communities, whose members include grassroots activists, diplomats, scientists and scholars who are committed to working tirelessly to build popular momentum for the elimination of nuclear weapons.  

As a Cooperation Circle, Voices adheres to the principles of URI: being a self-organizing group of at least seven members from at least three religions, spiritual expressions, or Indigenous traditions—including atheists and agnostics. Cooperation Circles work on two levels: by giving people of different backgrounds a chance to work together, and by tackling important community issues their members care about.

Membership to Voices is open to all individuals and organizations who recognize our mission, vision and purpose.

As aptly stated by the founder of Voices, Retired Episcopal Bishop of California, William Swing:​

A chain reaction of neutrons within the natural order can create nuclear warheads.

A chain reaction of fear can unleash enough nuclear weapons to destroy the natural order.

A chain reaction of moral souls, intent on abolishing nuclear warheads, is the world's only hope for the continuation of the natural order.

Do the right thing.  Disarm the monster!