Girls Praying

AUGUST 6, 2022

ABOUT: A brief blurb about event day and what our hopes are for it goes in this section. Please keep it to one paragraph. Our friends at URI have this nuclear prayer available in multiple languages on their website. Click HERE to access this page and use the Google Translate button at the top to toggle to your preferred language.

SHARE: Spread the news! The more people who contribute to this the more powerful it becomes. Share on social media, join the Facebook event page HERE, and feel free to access and use the marketing materials created in our materials library HERE which can be rebranded with your personal or organization's information before sending out. We hope many will adopt this day's message as their own.

PARTICIPATE: On August 6th we hope you will mark your participation on our interactive Prayer Day Map (below) and/or share your participation on social media with the hashtag #PrayerDay2022

Map example.JPG